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September 25, 2020
The UPS Store TV Spot

Making Shipping-and Selling-Easier
inside E-marketplace

Impressive year-over-year growth in web sales shows clients are craving-and finding-a more convenient way to store. Efficiency operates both methods, however, and swing toward e-commerce means more companies are poised to achieve markets they could not have considered with a brick-and-mortar store.

Just attempting to sell online isn't sufficient, however. Online buyers is fickle, and abandoned carts are the norm. But there are ways you can make your business more competitive inside crowded marketplace. The UPS comScore research discovers your consumer knowledge post-purchase-specifically shipment -is one your biggest opportunities to make a positive impression.

Getting the Internet Business ready to go

Countless merchants offer on e-marketplaces like® and Yahoo! Merchant Solutions. These ready-to-use e-commerce solutions help reveal your merchandise to prospective customers and can include UPS resources in order to make delivery instructions easier.

As UPS Ready®Marketplace Providers, these websites provide value-added technology that will help you quickly handle your shipments and present your customers the flexibleness and information they want.

  • Get shipping quotes for a number of rates and services
  • Boost customer care and give your customers their particular range of delivery rate and cost
  • Reduce handbook key entry and errors with printable delivery labels pre-populated with purchase information
  • Reduce consumer inquiries by immediately offering UPS monitoring condition

Plus, UPS consumers which sell and ship through or Yahoo! online stores qualify for special offers and savings.

Incorporated Options for More Capable Sellers

Trusted online retailers hosting their very own web sites may reap the benefits of our world-class technology. Integrate shipping functionality customized for the system, and present your visitors the capability to compare delivery expenses and delivery times. Add tracking abilities and let clients keep track of their packages throughout your website.

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