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April 14, 2021
Neopost Postal Machines IJ-80

Neopost exists in North America, Europe together with Asia-Pacific area. The Group had a primary existence in 13 nations ten years ago, now has actually subsidiaries in over 30 countries across the globe. Thus giving the Group better control of the roll-out of its sales and marketing strategy. As well the detailed knowledge of its markets permits Neopost to raised align its products to fulfill existing regulations and practices in effect in each nation. The Group's products are offered in over 90 nations through its substantial system of suppliers.

Prolonged geographic get to

Since starting its transformation strategy in 2012, Neopost made a few purchases to beef up its technology profile. Positioned in Australia, Canada, holland, Switzerland and in the United States, these youthful companies are, for the most part, nonetheless concentrated on the domestic markets. Neopost provides all of them with considerable international development potential, either through its old-fashioned distribution community or by using its various other specific subsidiaries that target the exact same customers.

Neopost immediately

  • 2014 Sales: €1.113 billion
  • Products marketed in 90 countries
  • Subsidiaries in 31 countries
  • Over 800, 000 clients
  • 6, 200 employees
  • 500 R&D designers (5per cent of annual revenue dedicated to R&D)
  • 1, 200 product sales associates
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