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April 30, 2021
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An United states president have not traveled to Cuba in practically 90 many years. But on March 20, President Obama will set foot from the island nation that's just 90 kilometers from the shore of Florida. The check out is a historic milestone after more than a year of progress through the day in December of 2014 when the President initially announced he had been leaving a failed, cool War-era way of Cuba and only a new course to normalize relations.

Since then, we have restored non-stop routes between our two countries. We’ve assisted facilitate even more people-to-people communication and commercial enterprise. We have permitted U.S. dollars to be utilized in more economic deals with Cuba. And after this, we are rebuilding direct mail for the first time in 50 years.

The initial trip carrying that first batch of U.S. direct-mail to Cuba shot to popularity yesterday - a development that'll kindly Ileana Yarza, a 76-year-old page author in Cuba that has been waiting for the President to consult with for years. "i do believe you can find very few Cubans so eager as I to fulfill you face-to-face, " she penned on February 18. "Not as a significant United states personality, but as a charming president whose open look wins hearts."

Yesterday's journey carried your own response from President Obama to Ileana, that'll attain the area before he touches straight down in Havana on Sunday.

POTUS letter to Cuba see Ileana's page and also the President's response right here:

Mr President, we heard yesterday evening by telesur - not the Cuban broadcast development - that you'll see Havana in March. I could not be happier to know this. an United states president eventually using this a great deal needed action, the next right one after your open admittance that the over one half a century cruel embargo on this lovely, enduring and resilient little area simply failed to work. We Cubans believe it's a black web page on American history and geopolitics. Very unfortunately this... Dear President Obama: I've followed your political job since you were working for company the first time. I quickly consumed towards success at/with the CNBC Havana workplace that wonderful night. In addition celebrated your second term election with buddies yourself. If only there is a third, perhaps 1 day... i have written you many times presenting myself. Additionally We have invited you to a cup of Cuban coffee within my place in Vedado, if when you'd eventually come. Kindly, please, do visit me. Offer this 76 year-old Cuban woman the gift of conference you really. I believe you will find not many Cubans so eager when I to meet up you in person not quite as an important United states character but as a charming president whose available smile wins hearts. Please realize I quite definitely look forward to it. I would personally in addition love to include your wonderful, beautiful wife. God bless you child, additionally bless family. Ileana R. Yarza

And check out President Obama's reaction:

Dear Ileana: many thanks for the sort words. We appreciate your assistance over the years, and I wish this note - that will reach you through initial direct-mail trip between the US and Cuba in over 50 years - functions as a reminder of a bright brand-new chapter inside commitment between our two countries. I'm anticipating visiting Havana to foster this commitment and highlight our shared values - and, hopefully, i'll have enough time to enjoy a cup of Cuban coffee. Sincerely, Barack Obama

The kinds of post that consumers in the United States can deliver to Cuba consist of First-Class Mail International items, First-Class Package Global Service products, Priority Mail Overseas Flat Rate Envelopes and Priority Mail Global Small Flat speed Priced Boxes.

Workers within united states of america Postal Service shared in an instant of pleasure as they ready to send the page returning. "i have worked for the Postal Service for 27 years, and this has-been my objective for 26 many years, " one staff member provided. "which means this is a fairly special day for me."

Source: www.whitehouse.gov
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