Sample Direct Mail letter

December 10, 2020
A “done-for-you” direct mail

Here’s a sample focused email or direct e-mail page, with commentary and notes following.

Springfield Bank
775 Ranchero Parkway
Texastown, TX 76010
(800) 555-5555

January 6,
Ms. Jane Doe
123 Park Lane
Texasville, TX 75237

Dear Ms. Doe:

Just how would you like to conserve 20 percent on your pc acquisitions?

The Springfield Bank/Starlight Computer charge card saves your money on your desktop purchases.

“My business expenditures were made out of the Springfield Bank/Starlight Computer bank card and I accumulated enough credits to truly save 20 % back at my computer system equipment.” —Ken Turman, President, Truman Consulting, Springfield, Texas

This charge card works like every other charge card with one big exemption: It saves you cash. Each time you utilize the Springfield Bank/Starlight Computer charge card, you get credits toward the next buy of Starlight Computer gear.

Phone (800) 555-5555 today to get your Springfield Bank/Starlight Computer bank card. An operator will take your data and process your application within 48 hours. You'll be able to begin making credits that will save you money!


[ trademark ]

Harold Walker
Vice President of Advertising

P.S. In the event that you signup before January 31, you will definitely receive a free of charge gift from Springfield Bank!


a sales letter includes your company logo design, name, and address. You can have a printer printing your letter on the present letterhead stock, print the page in conjunction with your standard letterhead design, or print a letterhead that has been created specifically for the direct-mail piece.


Many direct-mail pieces, specifically those mailed by neighborhood businesses, usually do not customize each letter. Instead, the page starts with a generic introduction, particularly “Dear Sir” or “Dear Madam.” If you work with a generic introduction, do you will need to personalize whenever possible with greetings, like “Dear Boston Resident” or “Dear Computer User.” Its better address the page to a particular person, nonetheless it will add to the cost therefore the complexity associated with the mailing. If you should be purchasing your email list from a large email list business, they are able to offer brands and details on a pc disk. Many mailing homes will be able to print personalized letters using this disk for an extra cost.


Grab the reader’s attention in the 1st phrase. This is actually the primary area of the letter. Unless your first sentence is extremely compelling, most visitors cannot read on the letter.

Target Benefits

You need to focus on the great things about your product or service in your body associated with page. Your product or service has its own features that your consumers will inquire about, but it is the benefits which will offer them. An element is anything inherent towards item. Good results is exactly what your buyer derives through the item.


A testimonial can help include credibility to your business and your products or services. The most crucial facet of the testimonial could be the one who offers it. Ensure that the individual is some body your reader will admire.

Emphasize Search Phrases

Keep the reader’s interest. Some readers will skim using your letter and may skip the vital points. Highlight keywords and phrases that tension advantages to keep the reader thinking about your product.

Proactive approach

Call your visitors to activity. They must feel they need to act quickly or they'll lose the provide. Allow it to be simple for your readers to behave by listing a toll-free purchase quantity or including a postage-paid response card.

Add a Postscript

Add a postscript after the page. Numerous readers skip towards the end of the letter the “bottom line.” A grabber “P.S.” declaration will make sure that your message is not lost.

Appropriate Restrictions on Email

In the usa, you will find extremely limiting laws and regulations on marketing with email. In the first place it is possible to only deliver it to individuals who asked for it. Second, you have to provide an opt-out option. There are more limitations besides. When you will be looking at utilizing mail for advertising a few you will be up to speed on all of the most recent principles.

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