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November 8, 2020

Increase Your Company Go With Cost Savings and Efficiency

You would like a trusted, cost-effective mailing solution for achieving an international market. Choices that may streamline your online business and help it grow. FedEx International MailService delivers that expertise and efficiency. We do all the job so you don’t must invest your valued time and money processing post and spending expensive intercontinental postage prices.

Merely deal with your post, choose your solution degree but your FedEx courier select it up. That’s it. We’ll kind, stamp and provide it towards the destination nation’s postal service. And save you money.

How We Move Your Mail

  • Place your international post items in a FedEx International MailService case or field.
  • Your FedEx courier picks it up.
  • FedEx provides your mail items to a FedEx post sorting facility.
  • The post center types, stamps and transports your mail directly to the correct location nation postal authorities.
  • The foreign postal authorities deliver your post.

FedEx Global MailService Is a Perfect Fit Once You:

  • Need an economical shipping treatment for send low-value products internationally.
  • Forward items to international recipients who don’t require distribution by a certain time, but whom appreciate timely distribution.
  • Want to stay away from hassles and increase your business globally, but aren’t acquainted shipping post internationally.
  • Desire better quality and worth than you’re presently getting from another worldwide mail provider.

Savings and Services It Is Possible To Expect

  • Save money
    Enjoy considerable savings over published worldwide postal rates. Instead of spending independently as well as in advance of mailing, pay a simple per-pound rate based only on actual total fat of items sent — without rounding up.
  • Keep your clients time
    Ensure you get your shipments to consumers and contacts quicker in contrast to various other international mail services — usually in 4 to 7 business days from FedEx® pickup to handoff to your destination nation postal solution.*
  • Get things you need
    Customized value-added solutions consist of addressing, polybagging, document planning, fulfillment and tracking to final delivery.
  • Get trustworthy help when it's needed
    FedEx always supplies the highest degree of customer support, including a passionate phone support hotline. We keep custodial control over your mail — and you can track its standing — until its entry to the postal system.
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Fedex Packaging Services Scottsdale AZ | (480) 860-2304
Fedex Packaging Services Scottsdale AZ | (480) 860-2304
"It Was a Cake" No Faith in FedEx, UPS and now Mail Handlers
"It Was a Cake" No Faith in FedEx, UPS and now Mail Handlers
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