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July 19, 2021
Does the Fisher House provide

1. I work closely with our clients to advise them and provide the highest quality customer service. My top priority is the satisfaction of our client.
2. All of my work is predictive and quantitatively based. I use advanced math including, but not limited to, calculus, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, probability analysis, probabilistic risk analysis, numerical analysis, and game theory.
3. I provide a business plan that is actually ready for financial institutions (i.e. banks, credit unions, etc.) and investors (i.e. angel investors, venture capitalists, etc.). Our plans have proven that they are viable in the procurement of business loans, industry investment, Angel, Factoring, Mezzanine, Bridge, Grant acquisition among other types of investors, investment, or financing. In addition, my business plans are completely customized to the client. I do not use software or a web template to create these business plans. They are in depth, timely, include robust market research and full 3 or 5 year financial projections.
4. We provide an end to end consulting service that takes any business from business concept to opening their doors. In the process we assist our clients by working closely with them in each step of the project. We obtain your guidance and intent for each task, then we go through each step, completing the necessary documents, registrations, charts, and plans that are necessary to ensure your business is valid and that your personal assets remain protected as you operate your business. We also develop spreadsheets and dashboards that allow you to see, monitor and gain insight from all aspects of your business, to include those aspects that are usually hidden from your view.
5. We approach each project with the idea in mind that we are building a long term relationship with you, not just completing a series of tasks to get you a deliverable. Our relationship model is like that of the old country doctor or old country lawyer. No matter what specialty services you need, you always go to them first. They, in turn, refer you to high quality specialists. We have the relationships with high quality service providers and will refer you to them, but we hope you will always come back to us for your general business consulting and business services needs.
We like working with people. We delight in seeing our clients increase their business management knowledge and are always thrilled when we see our clients increase their understanding and application of business principals and concepts. When this occurs, we feel that we are successful.

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