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December 6, 2020
Makers Mark and the four I s

Direct mail is not dead, far from it. With the growth in technology and personalization, direct mail has become an even more powerful player for your ROI. But 2016 will bring tightened direct mail budgets, since marketers need to spread their money farther and farther. Because of that, serious considerations need to be made with direct mail.

The first, of course, is how to improve your ROI. So far the only postage increases announced have been for packages, but we will need to be on the lookout for possible changes in late spring 2016. If postage rates remain the same, that can help to increase your ROI. The post office will also be finishing consolidation which may increase delivery times like we saw last spring. So timing will need to be considered as well.

Here are my five predictions for 2016, so can you continue to grow your direct mail marketing ROI.

  1. Personalized: We will see an increase in customers expecting direct mail that is relevant to them. Offers based on what they want and need are going to be the key to your success. The mail boxes are no longer full of junk, but useful offers they can take advantage of.
  2. Integration: When integrating other channels with direct mail, you create more engaging content and leave a better impression on customers and prospects. The longer you can keep their attention, the greater chance you have to capture the sale. There are many cost effective options you can use to integrate from mobile and email to online content.
  3. Multilayered: 2016 will bring more multilayered direct mail campaigns. The staggering of different pieces going at selected intervals continually. Since, as we know, direct mail is more effective the more often someone gets your offer, this will help increase your ROI.
  4. Enhance your database: Constantly adding information into your database is very important. The more you know about each customer the better able to you are to target them. If you are just starting out and need a little help, you can profile your customer database to find out more information about them. Ask your mail service provider how.
  5. Multiple response devices: The more options you have for people to respond to your offer, the better response you are going to get. So for 2016, add in a new response method. That can be a wide range from QR Codes to texting a response code. Find what you think your customers/prospects are most interested in and try it out.

Consumers are smarter and expect more from companies now. They feel powerful and in the driver’s seat of their experiences with you. In order to compete, you will need to meet or exceed those expectations. Your brand needs to be approachable and knowledgeable about each person. The more information you have in your database about each person the better you can target your messages and offers.

Direct mail can be a very creative way to reach people who are interested in your product or service. Think of all the fun ways you can go beyond imagery to engage people. Having fun with your creativity can be a real boost to your ROI. Make sure you consult with your mail service provider about the design of your piece to make sure that you are not creating a postal problem, which will cost you a lot of money. Let’s make 2016 the best year ever for direct mail marketing!

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Summer Gould is President of Eye/Comm Inc. Summer has spent her 23 year career helping clients achieve better marketing results. She has served as a panel speaker for the Association of Marketing Service Providers conferences. She is active in several industry organizations and she is a board member for Printing Industries Association San Diego, as well as a board member for Mailing Systems Management Association of San Diego. She is also a committee member for Visionaries in Philanthropy which benefits San Diego Meals on Wheels.

Direct Mail Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing
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Marketing with Email and Direct Mail
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