Direct Mail Marketing Ideas

January 15, 2021
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Although there are many types of communications to choose from when trying to reach customers today, direct mail is still one of the most personal ways to connect. Use these five tips to help gain more customers and grow sales for your small business.

Put yourself on all the mailing lists you can find that send mailings to your target market. Look into direct mail services that can help you find these lists. By researching the competition and other businesses your target market is interested in, you can get inspiration and see what not to do.

Tip #2: Ask your customers what they want.

Interact with potential customers by offering surveys for them to complete for a small reward. Ask about what their needs are in these surveys to gain a better understanding of your target market. Their responses will help you create strategies and communications that are relevant to them.

Tip #3: Make sure your piece stands out from the crowd.

If you want to get your envelope opened, you need to make sure it cuts through the clutter. Use oddly shaped envelopes or packages with headlines written on them to catch the recipients' attention. Overstuffed envelopes will be opened more frequently because people are naturally curious and want to find out what’s inside. Use color and graphics as well. If you’re giving away a free sample of your product, be sure to call that out on the outside of the envelope.

Tip #4: Grab their attention with incentives.

Consider offering coupons for first-time customers, and a loyalty program for returning patrons. Be sure to mention any deals, upcoming promotional contests or satisfaction guarantees you may have to offer.

Tip #5: Find ways to cut costs.

When creating your budget, consider teaming up with other companies or departments to split the costs of mailings. You can also mail in bulk for cheaper postage rates. Keep track of replies and follow-ups with customers, and spend a little more money on mailings for those customers with whom you have a consistent record of accomplishment.

Follow these direct mail marketing tips to create communications that will attract new customers, as well as keep your current customers happy. Send out mailings on a consistent basis to stay top of mind with your target group.

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