Effectiveness of Direct Mail

October 25, 2014
Response to direct mail piece

Mail promotions could be extremely targeted and effective.Mail campaigns can be extremely targeted and efficient. (Photo: Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Pictures )

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Inside electronic age, direct-mail advertising and marketing can still be a good way to market an email. Tangible post can in fact become more effective than e-mail marketing, considering that the audience cannot click on and erase that but must first look it over. If the mail appeals to the reader, he likely will open up it. There are lots of statistics that validate this effectiveness.

B2B Marketers Survey

A 2010 research of business-to-business (B2B) marketers by advertising Sherpa discovered mixed link between the potency of direct mail promotions. The results were that 57 per cent believed the campaign was significantly effective. Another 22 percent believed it was very effective and 22 percent believed it was not effective at all. These results suggest there is some really worth in introducing a campaign, based on the marketers themselves.

Perceptions by Size

In accordance with the Marketing Sherpa review, most companies of all of the sizes found the advertising either significantly or very effective. The company thinks that increased segmentation and customization of promotions has grown effectiveness. About 25 % of businesses with less than 100 folks thought the promotions had been efficient; 19 % of mid-sized businesses and 21 % of large organizations additionally believed in this manner. Meanwhile, 34 % of businesses running a business solutions found post advertising very effective, which was the highest rating for any business sector.

Reaction Rate

According to Melissa Data, a company that provides target information for businesses, the typical response price for direct mail promotions is 2 %. Saturation messages, which thoughtlessly mail to complete zip rules, get this rate. But a company can radically raise the reaction price by a highly personalized, shade print promotion. In those circumstances, the reaction rate is 6.5 %.

Comparison to many other Advertising Attempts

Based on the Direct advertising Association, the response rate for mailings is 3.4 per cent. But other electronic forms of marketing and advertising were reduced. The response rate of mail ended up being simply 0.12 %. But due to the minimal cost, e-mail in fact features an increased return on the investment. Telemarketing however gets the highest reaction rate, with 13 per cent.

Source: yourbusiness.azcentral.com
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